About Us

Indian Cuisine is as varied and diverse as the cultures and languages of this great sub-continent, its flavors are as exotic as its climate and as varied as its people. Ancient India was subject to numerous foreign invasions, right from the Greek to the British, these invasions have not only had a major influence on the cultures but also on the cuisine.Among the other major influences on Indian cuisine is the ancient Hindu treatise on health, the Ayurveda; Ayur is derived from the word ayus meaning life span in Sanskrit and Veda means knowledge .

Geography,caste, religion, climate, income-levels, traditions and beliefs also have a great influence on the cuisine. Southern Indian Cuisine is generally fiery- hot.Bengali Cuisine is mild and sweet. Gujrathi cuisine is generally mildly spiced and sweetish, due to the use of jaggery in their cooking, while, in nearby Rajasthan, the food is pronouncedly spicy. The curries of the rice growing belt have a large number of curries with a thinner gravy specially meant for eating with rice, while those of the Wheat belts have thicker gravies well- suited to eating with rotis and parathas (indian breads) . I ndian cuisine is carbohydrate-dominated with the emphasis on wheat chapatis (bread) and rice.Indian Chapatis are whole wheat bread, retaining the whole goodness of the grain. This is traditionally made with ghee.Proteins come from dal (lentils),dairy products legumes rather than meat.

We at Ashoka specialize in Moghali, South Indian, Indian Chinese and North Indian Cuisine's and make each dish distictive. Fragrant Spices from the four corners of our country are delicately blended in meticulous proportions to create the exotic entrees which we present to you. Each entree,our chefs make, have their own distinctive flavor and aroma which cannot be derived from curry powder but only from the spices which are prepared each day indivijually for each dish. The art of blending and preparation of spices is centuries old and is indespensable to Indian Cuisine. Our Chefs cook your food fresh and spice it according to your taste. The meats we use are fresh and are delievered to us each day. Our Chefs specialize in a variety of dishes right from South Indian, North Indian, Indian Chinese, Home Style Tandoori Cooking to the most sophisticated Moghlai Dishes from the kitchens of the Nawabs of Hyderabad. Indian Chinese is a blend of the subtle flavors of exotic Indian spices with the Chinese sauces. We specialize in typical Indian Chinese favorites like Haka Noodles, Chilli Chicken, Manchurias etc.